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Tutoring has benefited our family greatly. Within weeks my daughter's grades improved. My husband and I are no longer the 'bad' guys when itcomes to doing homework.

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Study Skills

Club Z!'s uniquely effective study skills program called Learning Built to Last™ targets the different learning styles and habits of high school students. The Learning Built to Last™ offers two diagnostics to customize the study skills system and tutoring experience for every student.

The Study Skills Diagnostic Test:
Identifies eleven different academic tools necessary for success in school and shows which of those tools each student needs to use better.
The Learning Style Diagnostic Test:
Explores the student's natural method of learning.

Club Z! tutors work with students to improve study skills and have some fun in the process. This program will teach how to listen, read, and study better...but that is just the beginning. Learning Built to Last™ will help each individual understand study skills in terms of their own interests and experiences. The book, workbook, and planner contain materials and exercises allowing the student to utilize the Learning Built to Last™ program at any time. There is no better time to get an edge on study skills!

The Learning Built to Last™ program helps students who:

  • Struggle across the board in all subjects.
  • Struggle in a specific subject
  • Are highly social and extremely busy
  • Are stressed out, disorganized, and procrastinate
  • Are athletes or performers who juggle school with road trips and practices
  • Has ADD/ADHD or a learning disability
  • Average B's or C's and are looking to step up to the next level
  • Are high-achievers, honor students, or perfectionists
  • Are struggling through a transition year